Looking forward to your caravan holiday and getting away from it all, then thinking " the van is a mess after winter and you will need to spend a day or more cleaning it"

Immervoulin is now in a unique position to offer an exterior cleaning service on site, working with Strathyre Cleansing a local business, which can come and clean your caravan while on site.

So while you are away fishing or hill walking or just enjoying all that this area has to offer, Strathyre Cleansing can ease the burden and have your van sparking clean on your return. Or you can sit in and have a cuppa while cleaning is ongoing with minimum disturbance.

Strathyre Cleansing is based in Strathyre and has been going for almost seven years now. The business is owned by Wullie Dalziel, himself having caravanned for some twenty five years, so he is well aware of the toils and time taken during your holiday to keep a caravan clean.

If you would be intersted in this service while on site at Immervoulin please feel free to contact Wullie or Immervoulin to make arrangements.


Tel: 01877384384

Mob: 07768221661

e-mail: strathyrecleansing@tiscali.co.uk

Please note that advance booking would be advisable through any of the contact methods for Strathyre Cleansing or Immervoulin.

If you have any queries regarding this service please contact Strathyre Cleansing.